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about japandi cuisine

japandi cuisine is a fusion of japanese and scandinavian cuisine. it is characterized by its use of seasonal ingredients, simple cooking techniques, and minimalist presentation. japandi cuisine is both healthy and delicious.

japandi is influenced by the ancient japanese philosophy of “wabi-sabi”, a way of life that values slow-living, contentment, and simplicity, and the scandinavian practice of “hygge”, which embraces comfort, coziness,

and well-being.

about nem's japandi bistro

nem’s is a cozy bistro inspired by the “japandi” philosophy, which marries scandinavian functionality and japanese minimalism to create a space of art, nature, and simplicity. the goal is to create a menu that is functional, accessible, organic when possible, always sustainable, and artful. with this philosophy in mind, nem’s combines japanese and scandinavian cuisine, promoting local, natural, and seasonal produce while also emphasizing resource, conservation, and sustainability.

nem’s offers all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and for people on the go.  craft smoothies, as well as specialty coffee, matcha, and ceremonial teas, are also available. a curated selection of great wines, sake, and unique cocktails is also on the list.

our story

nem’s japandi bistro is the brainchild of supranee phramdang (nem), a thai entrepreneur who grew up working with her family to run a number of restaurants in bangkok.
nem fell in love with japanese food and culture from a young age. her family was raised in the japanese community in bangkok. when she was ten years old, she opened her first “smoothie bar” outside her house with a blender, a bucket of ice, fresh fruit, and a small table. while she dreamed of growing up and running her own smoothie business, her mom suggested that she perhaps study something else as well. after earning her bachelor of arts, she returned to japan for a summer, and she became hooked on the food and the culture.
living in greenpoint, she never gave up on her smoothie dream; for the past six years, she’s developed quite a following for her creative fresh fruit and vegetable shakes, made to order, at her kent avenue small pop-up outside fabbrica, by nem alone, as the lines grew longer and longer.
with her new restaurant, nem’s japandi bistro, the community she built, doesn't have to wait in line in the cold.

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